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Diego, an expert head chef with great creativity, seriousness, ambition and above all passion and love for his work is our Chef and his passion for cooking is reflected in every dish he prepares and his knowledge of different culinary styles allows him to create interesting and original dishes.
His family has always had restaurants in the countryside and in Piedmont and consequently he has been part of the restaurant world since he was a child.
His first experience in the kitchen dates back to May 1989 as Commis of the kitchen in Paestum and in July 1994 he began his military service in the kitchen in Alessandria and was then discharged the following year as Major Corporal and kitchen manager. In 1998 he participated in various cooking competitions, winning the gold medal in the "creative cooking" competitions in Padua, Vicenza and Salerno.

Also in the same year he took part in the cooking world championships in Basel, winning the bronze medal in "Vegetable Sculptures" and in "Menu designed and presented hot and cold macrobiotic and vegetarian". These acknowledgments attest that he has a magical touch when it comes to creating tasty and well presented dishes.

In the following years he had experience with various restaurant chains such as the "Boscolo" chain and the "Fort Hotel".
In January 2000 he became manager and chef of the restaurant "Golf Club La Serra Valenza Po'" in Valencia until November 2003 when he became owner and Chef of "Restaurant – Catering – Gastronomia" in Alessandria.


In July 2013 he decided to open the "DADIEGO" restaurant, his restaurant in the magnificent "Galleria Guerci", a historic gallery open to the public way back in November 1895 and located in the center of the city of Alessandria which was damaged in the air raid of 5 April 1945 and it was restored in 1948 taking on its current appearance. 
The authentic cuisine of its restaurant unites people with history and traditions, where the most diverse palates and the most diverse gastronomic preferences can find enjoyment and novelty. Our C
hef Diego has true mastery in the culinary art and each dish he prepares is a unique gastronomic experience given by his attention to detail and taste that makes each dish a true masterpiece. 
The satisfaction of our customers is our number one priority and we are always ready to listen to your requests and do our best to satisfy them.
Our philosophy is to treat every customer as if they were at home, every member of the restaurant is ready to welcome you with a smile with the utmost professionalism and to ensure that your every request is best satisfied.
We believe that attention to detail is what distinguishes a high quality experience, and we are committed to providing you with the best possible service by improving day by day.

"Cooking with heart, serving with a smile"

Chef Diego D'andretta discusses with his sous chef
Diego working
Chef Diego D'andretta
Chef Diego D'andretta with the governor of Piedmont
Chef Diego D'andretta coocking fish
Buon 2023! Happy 2023!
Chef Diego D'andretta working
Chef Diego D'andretta on the phone
Happy new year!
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